Every automotive shop has one story or another of how it survived the pandemic. O’Neill’s Auto & Transmission is located right in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a 5 man shop running at about 1.2 million per year. During the pandemic, O’Neill’s was hit hard by COVID-19.

They lost a lot of foot traffic. In return, Nation Media Design helped O’Neill Auto & Transmission survive this time. How? Google ads, in hindsight, we had no idea of what was to come, but due to starting our Google ads program, they had many leads coming in even when COVID-19 was at its worst. We take pride in that we were able to help this great business through a tough time like this. On average, we were sending them over 100 leads a month that totaling 16 real money-making jobs. Those are great numbers, especially in a weak economy!

Spending money on traditional advertising, such as billboard and print ads, can lead to worrisome anxiety and second-guessing. With digital advertising, for example, Google, you know exactly how many people engaged with the ad, the reach, and impressions. Analytics provide the numbers so you know how successful your ads performed. Analytics will allow you to see if you are targeting the correct audience. Everything in your PPC account works to drive people to certain pages on your website. But if those pages don’t align with the searcher’s intent in a powerful way, you’ll come up with less-than-desirable effectiveness. A PPC manager must frequently monitor the account for effectiveness. You can’t just set up the account and let it run wild. Someone must manage your campaigns on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Or, you can try it yourself, which you may get some results but nothing like having a real professional help you out. Here are the results from the campaign.

Overall results:
976+ Leads
87 Conversions
$35 Per Conversion
$300 Average Job Total

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