Trends that will impact 2022 marketing efforts

Staying up to date with new trends isn’t always easy. Your brand’s design may need to adapt to new upcoming trends. In this article, we are going to talk about trends that will impact 2022 marketing efforts.

Inclusive Visuals

Business collaterals and materials are including more diverse groups of people. The go-to for imagery is no longer Male, White or able-bodied. There is more representation from marginalized groups in marketing visuals and advertisements. Websites are encouraged to be accessible and available to those with disabilities. This article from Nation Media Design describes assessability and availability in depth.

Fun Visualizations

Data can be boring. It is much easier to share complex data with an audience that has a good graphic with it. Now that consumers and customers have become more comfortable with charts and graphs brands are using data visualizations for data topics to engage their audience. user s are more likely to read an image with data than just plain text.

Colorful Icons & Illustrations

Colorful icons and illustrations share marketing messages at a glance and catch the eye easily. While illustrations are open to interpretation, icons convey universal meanings, making them powerful visual communication tools.

Branded Memes

Mems are universally acknowledged forms of communication. They share a message without context because they are already well known. Brands are using them more to add levity to their online presence and to communicate efficiently with customers.

Social Media Screencaps

Another of the graphic design trends taking over 2022 are social media screencaps. How does it work? Take a screenshot of a post on one platform and share that image on another. One could take an image of a tweet and share it as an Instagram post or on LinkedIn. Or take a screen capture of a TikTok video and share it as an Instagram Story or Facebook Story. This is not only a visually appealing trend but it’s also a cost-effective one. Marketers don’t need to create separate content for each platform. They can use the same content across platforms. It’s important to note that the screencaps trend works best when sharing entertaining content, not sales-focused content.

Final Thoughts: 2022 Graphic Design Trends are Geared Towards Entertainment

There is an underlying thread that connects all the graphic designs trends of 2022—consumers’ desire to be entertained. The pandemic has been a difficult time to live through and most parts of the world are only just beginning to open up. ‘Normal life’ seems far away. Brands have risen to the challenge by being more attentive to users’ needs. Nation Media Design has been helping clients create visuals that are more reflective of society, are more engaging, and most importantly, more entertaining.

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